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Trees & Shurbs

Plant Your Legacy Now!!


"A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit"  D. Elton Trueblood


Evergreen needles



  • Trees and shrubs are tremendously beneficial to our lives and to the earth. They aid in cleaning pollution from the air, provide oxygen, help in maintaining clean watersheds and provide cooling.

  • Many animal species utilize trees and shrubs for food and shelter.

  • Well placed trees in the landscape can add significant value to properties.

  • Decidious trees and shrubs loose their leaves in the fall and develp new growth the following season. Evergreen trees maintain leaves year round.

  • Although Wyoming's climate is challenging many different varieties are adaptable.

  • Wyoming plant hardiness zones range from zone 2 to zone 5 with Natrona County being zone 4b-5. See the Wyoming and US  USDA ZONE MAPS here.

Tree Wisdom....

quaking asen

Horticulture Professionals Always Available to Help Choose 
the Perfect Tree or Shrub!!  

Numerous Tree & Shrub Varieties Proven to Thrive in Wyoming's Unique Climate.

Various Container Sizes to Fit Your Needs.

Detailed instructions for planting and care.

popular wyoming tree, aspens

Why Trees and Shrubs from Natura?

1. When purchasing trees or shrubs EVERY customer recieves expert help in choosing the right variety for their specific needs.
 2. Customers are ALWAYS ENCOURAGED to ask questions about anything that comes to mind and know that we don't feel ANY question is silly to ask. We want you to have all the information you need to help you have success!
 3. ALL customers are sent home with a detailed pamphlet explaining how to plant and care for newly purchased trees and shrubs.
 4. Help loading and securing your tree for travel.
 5. All plants in our inventory are carefully cared for daily by  qualified individuals. Plants are not subjected to stress that could affect vitality.
Natura Garden Trees, Shrubs & Roses

Natura Garden Favorites

At Natura Gardens we have a few favorite trees & shrubs! On the list are old favorites that have been known to do well here for years and also varieties that have been introduced recently!

The following examples are just a few of our favorites and our list is always changing. 

Aspens in fall color

Aspen-A Wyoming favorite. Aspens do well in landscapes do to their somewhat columnar growth habit. People love the unique markings on their bark and beautiful fall color.

Austrian Pine is a great evegreen tree.

Austrian Pine - Not as well known as the Colorado Blue Spruce but a fabulous addition to any landscape. Austrian pines fare better than the spruce in times of drought. These pines have an open branching system that many prefer. 

Cottonwood- An oldie but a goodie! Many people have been turned against this species because of the problems older varieties had, flying cotton, disease and being to large for smaller landscapes. However, new varieties offered are cottonless, have been bred for disease resistance and are more columnar in habit while still offering nice branching. New varieties of Cottonwoods really are a perfect addition to the Wyoming landscape. They have evolved for thousands of years in Wyoming and thus do well with all of the different climatic situations that arise here. They also offer magnificent color in the fall. Natura Gardens specailizes in the Highland Cottonwood tree develped in Wyoming at the U.S Department of Agriculture Experiement Station.

Cottonwood trees are native to wyoming
Red twigged dogwood before leafing out in the spring
Dogwood shurub flower

Dogwood - These bushes are vigourous growers well adapted to Wyoming's climate. There are green leaf varieties as well as a quite attractive vareigated leaf variety. Dogwoods can be trimmed into a hedge or left to grow into a bigger bush. They have beautiful white flower clusters in early spring and dark purple berries in the fall. They are stunning against the white snow and gray skies during winter in Wyoming, sporting bright red or yellow stems.

Maple Royal Red- This tree is Beautiful! So unique with it's soft red leaves all season long. This is a large shade tree, however, it is a slow grower and takes a long time to be "big". 

Royal Red Maples are spectacular
Closeup of royal red maple leaf
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