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Flower, Osteospermum, African Daisy

Do YOU want LOTS of COLOR... FAST?  Annual plants fill the bill!


               Because of Casper's  Very short growing season, ANNUALS are a popular choice for a majority of gardeners who endeavor to enjoy as much summer beauty as they are able, as soon as possible!

The Lowdown on Annuals....


  • Annuals grow through one season and don't come back the following year. Some annuals such as ornamental kale, pansies, violas and snapdragons last well into fall. Other annuals are sensitive to freezing conditions and their growing season will end at the first light frost, examples being impatiens and sweet potato vine. The majority of plants fall somewhere in the middle.

  • Annuals typically grow quickly and bloom continuously and profusely throughout the growing season.

  • Annuals are often divided into three categories sun, part sun/shade and shade.

    • In Wyoming, a plant that is considered sun loving in other parts of the country may perform better if placed in a part sun​ environment because of our intense sun (due to the high altitude) and drying winds.

"Sun Combinaton Planter"
"Bidens, Petunia, and Verbena
"Geranium Planter"
"Red Petunia Hanging Basket"
"Sun Planter"
  •  Our business specializes in  BIG, FULL COLOR, HEALTHY  Hanging Baskets and Patio Pots   ready to enjoy instantly. 


  • No additional growing necessary to get the spectacular specimen you were dreaming of.

 1. We typically grow 12" baskets. The extra soil in these large baskets provides better water and nutrient retention for plants to grow to their ultimate potential. Many greenhouses use 10" containers or even smaller which are difficult to care for in Casper's windy, hot summers.
 2. Natura Baskets (except shade varieties) are acclimated to full sun and wind conditions. Plants don't experience shock as they often do when displayed in indoor or shaded facilities. (This is true for all of our plants.)
 3. We pick varieties that do well in our climate. And we provide daily professional care for every plant in our inventory.

Also available....a full line of annual varieties to plant in the garden or for designing hanging baskets and planters.

Sizes range from packs of starter plants to                            larger 1 and 2 gallon sizes. We maintain a large                  inventory of varieties and colors.



Natura Garden Annuals

Natura Garden Favorites ...

At Natura Gardens we have a few favorite annuals! These plants have been tested time and again and always come out shining!

The following examples are just a few of our favorites and our list is always changing. All the annuals we sell are well suited for Wyoming conditions.

Purple Geranium

Geraniums - Offer big blooms, come in lots of colors and flower all season long. Trailing and scented varieties available too. Tend to look the best in the early and late parts of the season when cool conditions are present.


Lobularia- A relatively new introduction. The colors are limited to whites and shades of purple. These are great plants to be used as filler and as trailing plants in baskets and pots. 

Calibrachoa/Petunias - Endless color posibilities. Come in trailing,  compact, big , mini and double flowers. Petunias produce lots of  flowers and thus a lot of color !

"Salmon Petuni"

Portulaca - Brightly colored. Big bloomer and can take intense heat and some drought conditions.

Moss Rose

Salvia - There are many salvias around, both perennial and annual. The annual salvia variety Cathedral is a great plant to use for height in garden plots or containers. Hot Lips salvia is another wonderful annual salvia. It is has long delicate flower stems and hummingbirds love it!

"Salvia Hot Lip"
Salvia Cathedral
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