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Make your DOLLAR stretch farther...plant perennials!


 They produce beautiful flowers, are low maintenance and live from year to year.



  • Perennials grow for more than one year. In Wyoming top growth dies after severe frost but the root remains alive, becoming dormant during the winter months.

  • Most perennials bloom heavily one time during the season often with long lasting flowers.Some varieties bloom almost continuously for the entire growing season.

  • Wyoming plant hardiness zones range from zone 2 to zone 5 with Natrona County being zone 4b-5. See the Wyoming and US  USDA ZONE MAPS here.

  • Perennial bloom times vary according to species.

    • The trick to a colorful perennial garden is to choose several vareities that bloom at different times during the season so there is always something colorful in your garden. Also placing a few colorful annuals in with your perennials will liven the garden up.

  • Because they grow for several seasons perennials are great for the pocket book and for those of us with busy schedules.

Perennial Enlightenment....

Perennial Garden with lilies and day lilies
  • LARGEST selection of perennial varieties in CASPER

  • Natura offers a range of sizes from 2.5" to 2 gallon size containers.

  • We can help pick out the perfect perennials to fit your needs

Why Buy Natura Perennials?

1. We have years of professional experience growing perennials in Wyoming and know which plants are particularly good for our area. Plants in our inventory are carefully chosen for our climate.
 2. We grow many of our perennials at Natura Gardens giving them special care from the beginning.
 3.Natura Garden perennials are hardened off (meaning thay have been subjected to the cold, wind and sun before they go home with you). 
 4.All of the plants in our inventory are carefully cared for daily by very qualified individuals. Plants are not subjected to stressful situations such as over/under watering or being in a dark trailer for days on end. 
Natura Garden Perennials

Natura Garden Favorites

At Natura Gardens we have a few favorite perennials! These plants have been tested time and again and always come out shining!


The following examples are just a few of our favorites and our list is always changing. All the perennials we sell are well suited for Wyoming conditions.



Echinacea - Many vibrant and pastel colors available. Big showy blooms develop in mid June. Flowers are long lasting and also make great cut flowers for indoors. This plant does particularly  well in Wyoming's sunny arid climate. A must have in any garden.

Heuchera also known as Coral Bells

Heuchera - Does well in shade/ part sun and some varieties have been developed to flourish in full sun. Foliage colors are numerous from lime green, orange, red with splotches to shades of brown. Very tough and durable. Inflorescents tower above foliage with numerous delicate bell shaped flowers  on each stalk.

Lily - One of the most dramatic and stunning flowers in the world of plants. Lilies come in a huge array of colors including solid and bi-color and plants can be short and compact or taller and open. Some lily varieties are early bloomers while other bloom later in the summer.

Pink Lily
Cardonna Salvia with a Bee

Salvia - The perfect Wyoming perennial! Salvia blooms early with numerous inflorescents  that stand erect above the foliage. Flowers last for a long time and will continue to put new flowers on throughout the season. A tough plant that can take heat, wind and some drought conditions. 

Viola - Often not thought of as a perennial because many believe they only reseed themselves. However, certain varieties do come back from the root year after year. There are many eduring qualities about violas such as being early bloomers, continual bloom during the season and they like cooler conditions so will last after light frosts. 

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