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Soil is the key to healthy plants


     Using high quality soil and fertilizer at all times! Why spend money on plants just to see them struggle and make little gains during the season? The proper soil and fertilizer regime can make a remarkable difference in the quality of your plants!

       Natura Gardens has spent endless hours experimenting with different soils and fertilizers in order to discover which ones resulted in the best plants. We use both the soil and fertilizer offered for sale exclusively in our growing operations. So you should rest assured we feel we are offering you the best on the market!

Natura Soil and Fertilizer.......

What's The Secret To Growing Extraordinary Plants?

      SOIL (Large Bag) 

Soil, Glaicer Gold, Greenhouse Soil, Garden Soil

      SOIL (Small Bag) 

2 Gallon Bag of soil



Water soluble fertilizer

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Always apply fertilizer according to directions

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Green Master

Green Master sold in 20 lb and 40 lb bags.

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Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

Soil, Fertilizer & Water in and Around the Casper Area ......

    You can start with the best plants and still wind up with poor results if fertilizer and water are not provided in proper amounts and a good soil is not used to grow in.

    Every gardener or farmer must know a few elementary facts about soil, fertilizer and water in order to expect success.



Natural soils around Casper are generally of 3 basic types. 

  1. Near the river sandy soils are often encountered. These sandy soils are usually well drained but low in fertility.

  2. Most soils in Casper and the suburbs have a high clay content and drain rather poorly. They generally have moderate amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous and medium to high levels of potassium.

  3. A small proportion of Casper area soils are poorly drained locations which have developed a whitish, salty surface. These last soils are unsuitable for normal plant growth and should be avoided for general gardens or to fill containers. 

     The basic physical and, to a lesser extent, chemical properties of both clay and sandy soils can be modified to acceptable levels by blending with high quality decomposed organic matter (such as sphagnum peat moss, compost, forest waste products, clean aged manure and several other organic crop by-products. The first 4 mentioned are more likely to be found locally in acceptable forms at a reasonable price. But don't expect that all your problems are solved by knowing a few basic facts. I have spent over 50 years learning, teaching and doing original and practical research with soils and cannot truthfully say I know it all!​

    The best avenue of choosing the right soil and fertilizer regime is to consult with a lcoal commercial grower. 

     A professional soil test is one of the most valuable tools in assessing soil quality. There are numerous firms on the internet which can perform these tests - usually for less than $50.00, if you require only basic information and a short summation of recommendations. Natura Gardens uses these services on a regular basis and we annually require one for every company which supplies us with soil.  Wyoming residents are sometimes able to have soil analyzed by the University Extension Service for free or only a token fee. Call the Natrona County Agricultural Resource and Learning Center if this is something you wish to do- (307) 235-9400 or go to their website-

 How much and what kind of fertilizer should be applied? Most of you have learned the basics of fertilizer application through trial and error. If your method is working - don't change it haphazzardly, inform yourself first through research. We can help you in most cases.

Be Advised - all fertilizers are not the same, even if the 3 basic components are in the fertilizer and in comparable amounts! (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are the common elements in most fertilizers. However, the form these elements are present in can make the elements readily available for uptake by plants or virtually impossible for uptake to take place! So just because it is cheap doesn't mean you are getting a good deal!


 Water coming from the Casper or Mills Municipal systems are safe for you and your plants. This applies also to districts buying water from them.

-Rain and snow melt water are also ok for plants but generally very low in nutrients. 

-Well water varies from well to well and must be tested for use with plant, human, and animal consumption. 

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